• Mayan Heritage | 5 days / 4 nights Trip

    We will visit the most important Mayan Ruins in Mexico: Tulum, Kohunlich, Chicanna, Becan, Misol-Ha, Palenque, Edzna, Uxmal and Chichen Itza.

    Mayan Heritage Trip
    Pay 3 get 4 tickets
    $ 3,228.00 USD  $ 2,421.00 USD

    Use the code MHPay3Get4 when booking

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  • Mini Yucatan – 2 days / 1 night Trip

    We will visit the colonial cities of Merida & Izamal and the Mayan Sites of  Uxmal & Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula. Just a  great two days trip..!!

    Mini Yucatan Trip
    Pay 3 get 4 tickets
    $ 1,160.00 USD  $ 870.00 USD

    Use the code MYPay3Get4 when booking

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